Our Chapters


Central Jersey, NJ

Point of contact: Shriya Shrestha



Fort Worth, Texas

Point of contact: Keely 



Boca Raton, Fl

Point of contact: Shelly Ballaish



Calcasieu Parish, LA 

Point of contact: Alyssa Portaro




Point of contact: Mirna Derbieh



Abu Dhabi, UAE

Point of contact: EcoLearners Organization



Yaounde, Cameroon

Point of contact: Haggai Akumbom



Kirkland, WA

Point of contact: Cadence Ching


About Chapters

Intersectional environmentalism is key to fighting the climate crisis. That is where chapters come in; you take the steps to improve your local community! This can be a part of a school project, a school club, for fun, recreational, or anything! Chapters are a great way to get involved, get experience, volunteer hours, and be an intersectional environmentalist fighting climate change.

Chapters are groups of youth of all ages (up to 25 per group, however, more can be arranged) that take all of our videos, modules, and content and make it accessible for everyone in their local community. Many people do not even have access to proper education -- let alone the internet, and this is where the chapter system is so crucial. They help create the next generation of intersectional climate activists by providing the same climate opportunities for people of all ethnicities, races, sizes, genders, sexualities, abilities, class status, etc. Our social media accounts and main teams can help you expand and create larger events, but basically, it's your own mini club to make change!

Chapters Tasks

  • Every other week to a month chapters must plan an event or project (or continuation of project if applicable).  This can include arches, teaching in schools, attendings at large gatherings, podcasts, presentations and more! It is up to you to decide what you want your chapter to do, anything is allowed as long as it fits in the purpose, rules, and guidelines of EcoLearners!

  • Some ideas:

    • You can create your own social media for your chapter that you get to operate titled “ecolearners__name of chapter”

    • Local larger events can be weeding invasive species and planting native ones while learning about the harms of invasive species or planting, panels on learning about biodiversity, or even vegan baking sales picnics!

    • Working with local legislators and school district managers to mandate climate education in schools is perfect for our mission!

Joining Chapters

You can either start or join a chapter. To join an existing chapter, make sure that you live in the area! If you would like to create your own chapter, view the steps below.

Chapter Rules

  • Chapters need to be active

  • Provide weekly checkins to our outreach team 

  • Information and translation needs to be accurate

  • Each chapter contains around 25 people max 

  • Social accounts for chapters must follow Instagram/Socials :)

  • Need to be on our discord server so you can plan stuff!

Start Your Own Chapter!

Want to start your own chapter? Walk through these steps:

  1. Fill out the form below

  2. One of us will contact you

  3. Find members willing to join

  4. We get you set up with channels to communicate on discord (you can create other group chats too elsewhere :) )

  5. We help you set up an Instagram account and give you a reference person for any resources you might need

  6. You get to know your group and take it away!