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Albatross Designs

Help eliminate plastic waste and get a better shave with 100% metal plastic-free safety razors for women and men; achieve cost-effective and eco-friendly shaving.


Albatross believes in eliminating the disparity between the pricing that men and women pay for similar products. Overwhelmingly, products marketed to women are priced considerably higher compared to the male version of the same products. For example, women pay nearly 48% more for products like shampoo, conditioner, and gel. Moreover, shaving products are in 2nd place for the biggest price hikes-- where women will spend roughly 11% more than men for essentially the same plastic razors and cartridges! Zero Waste shaving with Albatross is easy and impactful.


Albatross customers receive a small envelope with their blades. Used blades can be collected in this envelope. They accept ALL BRANDS of double and single-edged shaving blades. When you send your blades back to them, they clean, melt and forge plastic-free utensils out of your blades to give them more use with less pollution. To learn more about the take back program, click here:


The link below will ensure that the 15% discount is directly applied at checkout. Switch to Albatross for a superior shave, equal pricing, AND a waste-free solution! It’s a win for all!

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