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Past Events

EcoLearners Point Rush

A Month Long Points rush competition to save ecosystems!


Each competitor worked on impacting their ecosystems, and by doing so, got points!

This was through any way participants wanted - cleanups, planting, etc. After doing the task and sending pictures, participants gained points and a leaderboard was posted weekly!


The highest point earning activities were planting trees or cleaning up litter from a local ecosystem for 20 points. Winners won all sorts of prizes, including tote bags, gift cards, ecofriendly stationary, and more!

EcoTopia Minecraft


The Minecraft Event was the best way to start creating a greener city everyone can live in that works WITH our ecosystems. Ecotopia gave youth an opportunity to create a working blueprint of a sustainable eco-community world! We sent this model out to bigger companies construction companies of what we should be seeing, and together we will make a change!

Why did we build this model? We used this to work with other small startups, construction companies, and organizations to build what our society should look like.

Video Contest

Spread your ecosystem

The video contest was a great way to learn and spread education on ecosystems and saving them. 

The task was to create thirty seconds - 2-minute video discussing a problem relating to ecosystems and food. The video needed to include current solutions, and your own possible idea to solve them! The following video was the winning submission!

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