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  1. Chapters need to be active

  2. Provide weekly check-ins to our outreach team 

  3. If in another language, information and translation need to be accurate

  4. Each chapter contains around 25 people max (exceptions can be made)

  5. Social accounts for chapters must follow Instagram/Socials :)

  6. Needs to be on our discord server, so you can plan stuff!


You chose what to do! Our mission pushes for hands-on reparation of ecosystems through cleanups and plantings. If you have another idea, go for it!

Some ideas:

You can create your own social media for your chapter that you get to operate, titled “ecolearners + name of the chapter”

Local larger events can involve weeding invasive species and planting native ones while learning about the harms of invasive species.

Work with schools to renew plant biodiversity and learn about ecosystems.


Chapters are groups of people of all ages and backgrounds that follow our mission in their local community! It is run by YOU!

You get to decide what events and changes you want to do in your area, as well as how you want to increase learning in your ecosystems. Either join or create a chapter today! To join an existing chapter, make sure that you live in the area! 

To create a chapter, email We will reach out to you after!

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