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Just Ask A Teen was started by Deborah Ugo-Omenuwka, a High School Sophomore in New York, in October 2020. She recently joined her School’s Newspaper, the MVA Times, and created a new role for herself, Advice columnist. She knew that during this time of chaos, stress, death, and isolation many teens needed a listening ear. She started taking advice submissions from students at her school and was received very well. Her column was in the top 3 most viewed pages for 4 issues straight! She then moved on to be an interviewer and decided to add that to her advice column, but realized that one page is not enough. That’s when she decided it was time to branch out and run her own advice site. 

Branching out to her site was exciting, but stressful. She was running a one-woman show and the submissions were not stopping anytime soon. She had to make graphics, conduct interviews, respond to advice submissions, and much more. And as soon as she got a hang of this routine, she was struck with more creative epiphanies that she wanted to implement. She started an anonymous rant/personal stories, 2 podcasts, opportunities, and organization highlights. She did all this and more by herself. This obviously took a toll on her and the quality of her work.

She subconsciously took a break on her site and struggled to produce the quality content, JAAT was known for. But over this Spring Break, she had enough to update and rebrand Just Ask A Teen. She made this community an international community and site. She revived all the sections of JAAT and was able to market it successfully to get the viewer and follower rate back to where it was. Right now, Just Ask A Teen has a growing, interactive, and diverse online community. We have a frequently updated list of opportunities for teens ranging from volunteer work to paid internships to competitions and workshops. JAAT is even hosting its first-ever IG Giveaway right now!

Just Ask A Teen is back and it’s stronger than ever. Deborah has appointed an assistant director, Betsy-Jane Paul-Odionhin, as her right-hand woman. She main helps with social media logistics: scheduling posts, interacting with followers, and increasing follower count. Just Ask A Teen is here to help teens receive advice, a shoulder to lean/cry on, and a listening ear. They produce general advice articles on how to network, deal with friends, etc. They also give you a place to rant, confess, and share personal stories anonymously. They conduct student interviews allowing you to get tips and advice from other teens as well. Just Ask A Teen runs 2 Podcasts with funny, relatable, and insightful conversations between Deborah and her peers.

JAAT’s Discord community is growing by the day and is always filled with advice, memes, and more. Just Ask A Teen is ready to make an impact and difference in the lives of teenagers all over the world! Stay tuned for team applications if you want to be part of JAAT’s impact!! 

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