Our Board Team

Sanjana is the founder and executive director of EcoLearners. She is entering tenth grade in Kirkland, Washington. Some of her favorite hobbies include hiking, playing tennis, piano and violin. She has two dogs, Maverick and Dusty!

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Sanjana Satagopan

Emmy Yang is a co-founder of Ecolearners and co-head of animation for EcoLearners as well as a graphic design artist for the site. She has worked with us since EcoLearners was founded. She is entering tenth grade and outside from school she loves dance, animation, drawing, and playing with her cat and dog!

Emmy Yang

Banana Chan is a co-founder of EcoLearners and also co-head of animation for EcoLearners. She is also in tenth grade and from Kirkland, Washington. Banana Chan has as well worked as a servant to the company since its founding and has a pet hamster named Mayo who loves to eat. In her free time, Banana Chan loves drawing, graphic design, and laying on the ground listless.

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Annika Chan (known as Banana Chan)

Roya is the co-executive director at EcoLearners. Born and raised in Kirkland, Washington, she is passionate about the environment. She also loves chemistry and enjoys spending time with family. In her free time, you can find her reading a book or watching Brooklyn 99 and Schitt's Creek. 

Roya Mansour

Addison is the head of EcoLearner's Social Media. She is currently a tenth grader living in Kirkland, Washington. She likes playing soccer and pickleball, caring for plants, and learning about the world around her. Addison is especially interested in music, astronomy, and gardening!

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Addison Affleck

Shriya is the outreach head of EcoLearners and also writes module articles for this organization. She has been apart of EcoLearners from when it first started. She loves nature, dancing, her friends + family, and TV shows. Some of her favorite TV shows are Criminal Minds, Shameless, and Stranger Things.

Shriya Shrestha