Everyone can be involved in environmentalism.
Build your Ecosystem of educational change. 

Education and Protection of Ecosystems are key to our Earth. EcoLearners works to make sure our ecosystems can survive through hands-on action and education. Get involved now.

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Climate Change and Ecosystems


About Us

We are a youth-led organization dedicated to protecting ecosystems by working with students throughout the world to ecolearn and rebuild ecosystems. With our collective knowledge, we can protect the Earth for generations to come!

Our Team

Our team consists of young students wanting to make a difference in our world.  Our founders are from Kirkland, Washington and are highschoolers. Click below to learn more about us and how it all came together. 


Learning about Ecosystems is key to protecting them. That's why we spread education while rebuilding through our events.

Modules and Articles


Stand Together. Sign the Petition.

We need climate change education in the classroom. Right now. 

According to the Washington Post, over 40% of adults have never heard of climate change. Yet the majority of them are already facing and suffering from the consequences, and not to mention, our ecosystems are. Millions of students don't even know what an ecosystem is. If we show legislators that we are united and pushing for climate education, they will have no choice but to mandate it in schools. Show your support and sign now.

Ecosystems Impacted

$950 worth of restoration completed

4+ Countries With Projects


"Squid Game" Competition!

A "Squid Game" that's not death-oriented and will help save the planet! It will start on the 1st of November and last through the whole month. The winner will get a VISA Gift card and an eco-friendly Product.

The Task

  • Impact your ecosystems and save them as much as you can!

  • This can be through any way you like - cleanups, planting, etc.

  • You gain points with each task and the one with the most points at the end of November is the winner!!!

  • At the end of the week, a form will be sent out for contestants to fill out. We will send it through DISCORD and INSTA, and email!

  • You CAN join midway!

  • On this form, you will be able to write the different things you have done for the week to help save your ecosystems, and must clearly state what that creative action is and provide pictures so we can tell! You will get points awarded for what you do (see next slide)

  • If you do not fill out the form at the end of the week, you will be.... eliminated (not like Squid Game)

Redeeming Points
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Points System and Awaring
  • Teach a group or someone about ecosystems - 1 point

  • Clean up an ecosystem/plant trees with your family or friends (up to 5 people) - 3 points

  • Clean/plant with more than 7 people - 5 points. After 10 people, an extra point per person will be added.

  • Protest with 20 people on climate education or saving ecosystems - 20 points

  • Share EcoLearners - 1 point

  • Start a Chapter or get someone else to start a chapter (there is a referral section) - 2 points. starting one does not count for those who have already started one

  • Something creative - 8+ points

  • Just participating - FREEBIE 1 POINT


Host an EcoLearning Rebuilding

What is an EcoLearning Rebuilding? An ecosystem rebuilding is where you take time to help an ecosystem by physically hosting an event (or social) to spread knowledge and work together to clean and grow them. Only together with our knowledge can we protect ecosystems.


This opportunity allows you and a group of friends to host an EcoLearning Rebuilding event wherever you live! If you host a rebuilding, we will give you a gift card or product for your environmental stewardship. You can get involved anywhere, at anytime, and it doesn't need to be large! You can just do it with some friends!


There are multiple options you can do for ecosystem rebuilding: cleaning up waste in an ecosystem, planting trees, adding soil, watering plants, growing a mass garden, adding plants into a school, it's up to you to choose the ecosystem and task! Submit the form to the right to sign up!

Thanks for submitting!

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Start or Join a Chapter!

Impact your community and make a local difference. Chapters are a great way to make sure climate education is enforced in schools and everyone becomes a climate activist. Starting a chapter is similar to starting your own organization, and you get to decide what YOU want to do! You also get volunteer hours!

Through the chapter system, you get to brainstorm and host your own events, such as podcasts educating on climate change, local biodiversity restorations, school walkouts, working with legislators, and working with youth at schools! You also can also plan things such as newsletters and more! It's all up to you! Create your own chapter or join one -- its easy! View more to the right!

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