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Everyone can be involved in environmentalism,

even through the smallest of ways.

Build your ecosystem of educational change. 



We are a youth-led organization dedicated to tackling climate change inequality, one step at a time. Understanding that we cannot change the world alone, our goal has been to help students throughout the world learn, rebuild, and protect urban and forested ecosystems. EcoLearners reintroduces native species in environments filled with toxic waste so that every child can live in a green area. With our collective knowledge, we can protect the Earth for generations to come!

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These projects are currently in the midst of being worked on. Our goals are to continue to work and grow our efforts to impact the world.


Planet 2024

Planet 2024 is a global awareness Campaign Led by the Free Spirit Foundation in conjunction with the United Nations Decade of Restoration. This campaign will help reforest degraded ecosystems and bring environmental awareness and climate action. With the Paris Olympics, it aims to raise awareness, preserve nature, and subsequently, restore it.

As a partner, EcoLearners aims to accomplish the following in 2024:

  • Outreach through Open Mic Sessions and events

  • Remove at least One Ton of trash throughout the world, including in our Texas, Kirkland, Cross River, and New York Chapters.

  • Grow at least 3000+ trees in our Cross River Locations and Bungoma Locations.

  • Reach 20,000 children throughout the world on climate education and training, especially through our San Jose, New York, Cross River, and Bungoma chapters. 


The EcoLearners Chapter Initiative works on making change throughout the world by starting community first. Our chapters ensure youth of today have access to clean, healthy, green areas. Protect your ecosystems.

Through the chapter system, students can brainstorm and host their own events, local biodiversity restorations, work with legislators, and work with other youth at schools! 



As part of Planet 2024, the EcoLearning Awareness Campaign has grown! So far in 2023 have planted more than 1710 native species and restored over 5 hectares of land through cleanups.

EcoLearners CPLA

Cameron, Louisiana
EcoLearners CPLA will be going to a public hearing on the coastal use permit for the CP2 LNG Export Facility and CP Express Pipelines. The chapter is hoping to rally some public participants against this pipeline that will double down on the already tragically critical coastal ecosystem damage, destruction of the SW Louisiana commercial shrimp industry, and horrendous consequences to people’s health. The first peer reviewed study was just published indicating high cancer rates in Louisiana industrial communities. 

EcoLearning Restoration Nigeria

EcoLearners is collaborating with the University of Cross River, Nigeria in reforesation across Ogoja and Akogbe. This includes planting of more than 3,000 native species, removal of litter, and environmental education events. Farms and local businesses are also encouraged to participate. 

EcoLearning Education Kenya

Our Kenya chapter has been working to plant 1,000 Grevillea and Mutere trees with multiple elementary schoolers. Grevillea trees are especially helpful in carbon sequestration. The chapter is working to plant in the Kakamega Natural forest.

New York Chapter Blog

Our NY Chapter has started a blog! Check it out!



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