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Everyone can be involved in environmentalism,

even through the smallest of ways.

Build your ecosystem of educational change. 



We are a youth-led organization dedicated to tackling climate change inequality, one step at a time. Understanding that we cannot change the world alone, our goal has been to help students throughout the world learn, rebuild, and protect urban ecosystems, including communities in poverty. EcoLearners reintroduces native species in environments filled with toxic waste so that every child can live in a green area. With our collective knowledge, we can protect the Earth for generations to come!

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These projects are currently in the midst of being worked on. Our goals are to continue to work and grow our efforts to impact the world.


EcoLearners is working on a fog project, in which it will successfully install a fog collector in a humid place that provides clean water without damaging ecosystems. These fog collectors are nets that catch the water particles of condensation from the air. Each net can capture between 200-400 liters of fresh water every single day, providing a clean source of water for communities that have no easy access. 

The goal date for this project is the end of 2030. This project is to be installed in a location in South America.


The EcoLearners Chapter Initiative works on making change throughout the world by starting community first. Our chapters ensure youth of today have access to clean, healthy, green areas. Protect your ecosystems.

Through the chapter system, you can brainstorm and host your own events and local biodiversity restorations, work with legislators, and work with youth at schools! Plan things such as newsletters, restoration projects, and more! It's all up to you! Create your own chapter or join one. It's easy!



The EcoLearning Together Awareness Campaign has been launched! Our goal is to plant more than 1,000 trees in Kenya and Nigeria. We are hosting an online auction September 30-October 6. Participate to win a trip to Barbados!

EcoLearning Awareness Nigeria

EcoLearners will collaborate with the Department of Architecture Students Association on “Designing a better EcoLearning environment." This project will require active involvement of the Architects in the Landscape design stage and work to plant native palms in urban areas to promote environmentalism. 

EcoLearning Awareness Kenya

Our Kenya chapter has been working to plant 1,000 Grevillea trees with multiple elementary schoolers. Grevillea trees are especially helpful in carbon sequestration.

2023 EcoLearning Together Auction

Participate in our online auction to help fund restoration actions for children across the world. Prizes include trips to the Caribbean, Barbados trip, cashmere throws, merch bundles, and more. Bidding begins September 30.



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