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Waste, most commonly known as poop, or trash (if you reside in Europe) is one of the most difficult topics of environmentalism. There is no clear-cut solution or idea that can happen to better the current system. It is the “good enough” section of environmentalism where people are taught “reduce, recycle and reuse” only will save the planet. A new lesson on climate change is needed, starting with waste. Scroll down to learn more and try some activities!




What is 

Fast Fashion and how does it harms us?

To lower the price of clothing, fast fashion brands use low-quality, synthetic materials. This material contains plastic microfibers that are released into our oceans...

How to make

A Mini Basket Made of Plastic Bags

Follow this step by step tutorial with pictures to learn how to make this easy plastic bag! You will be reusing and reducing in a fun way!

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As the population hurdles to around 8 million, landfills pour to the brim with old food, clothes, and toys. From plastic in our oceans and beaches to trash in our rainforest, our world is increasing every day with more waste. This trash harms endangered species, ultimately intoxicating humans, wrecking our planet with every littered Lays chips bag.


Unfortunately, there is no fully efficient way to remove all the trash other than picking it up. However once picking up the trash, there is no fully safe way to dispose of it; even landfills have their problem in the atmosphere and can actually release hundreds of tons of methane and CO2. Burying toxic materials can have poisons soak into the soil and wreck ecosystems, allowing invasive species to take over and native species to die out, affecting our animals. Incineration on the other hand, releases tons of carbon through fires it creates and requires constant refuel of energy. 









Recycling is one of those well-known “solutions”, but secretly is not very effective. Only around 60% of all recycling actually gets recycled and that is if it is fully clean and not wet. Paper that has been used with toxic pens, pizza boxes with bits of pizza cheese, and soda cans with soda in them are not fully recyclable! Composting on the other hand is more effective, but only for certain items. Its most popular with food, but products of dairy and meat cannot be composted properly. Synthetic or human-made materials also cannot be composted.


Obviously, all of these systems have their limitations. All three are far from perfect, and never are we going to establish a perfect way to get rid of our waste. However, a better system is needed fast that can allow our world to dispose of trash safely, protecting our Earth for generations to come. 

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Let's talk about

Amazon's Trash

The behind the scenes of an extremely large corporation that claims to be going carbon neutral. Is it really, and will carbon neutral save us? Written by Julia Greenberg.