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Stand Together. Leave a Better Future Behind. 

Mandate Climate Education In our schools now.  When legislators and government officials accross the world see that we have united together to push for climate education, there will be no choice, but for them to follow. The youth are the key to the climate crisis -- this generation has the power to solve it.

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The Why

We need climate change education in the classroom. Right now. 


According to the Washington Post, over 40% of adults have never heard of climate change. Yet the majority of them are already facing and suffering from the consequences.


The worst impacts of Climate Change could be irreversible by 2030, yet we are not taught about this in our schools. We are not taught that recycling is just as ineffective as throwing something in the trash. We are not really taught what Climate Change really is and how we can get involved to help fight it. We need to treat the climate crisis as what it is: a crisis. That includes educating people, especially young children, to know how to help slow the effects of climate change and what is really useful for the environment.


We propose that this education be mandated for all schools in Washington state. Given our lush, green, unique environment, and even more unique culture of respect towards nature, this is a massive opportunity to mitigate the effects of climate change. This education would include learning about the environmental movement from all perspectives; intersectionality is key to increase representation and diversity within a learning environment. This also extends to the environmental movement itself.  


Despite the growing effects, we still don’t have the necessary education to abate climate change. 


Climate Education is not required in our schools, allowing people to believe what they want about the climate crisis, often with no prior knowledge. Studies show that if kids are exposed to content from a younger age, they are more likely to continue learning it and engage in that topic. We need all people to interact in eco-friendly ways to reverse the years of damage humans have done to the planet, and to keep fighting for a better world. 


Mandating climate education in our schools will allow children to actively be a part of the solution in our fight against the crisis. It will encourage them to stand up for change and unite against a threatening problem. Climate change education is not something people should have to rely on other sources for; it is a real problem that affects millions each year, and that number will only continue to grow. By including climate change education within our public schools, we are making a statement that demonstrates our priority is saving the planet. We don’t have much time left. Let's stand together to push for climate education in our schools so we can unite and fight for our world, and the world of future generations to come.


We, as citizens of the world, have a responsibility to do our part in protecting the planet and every individual living on it. 


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