The modules are blogs that teach ecosystems and what you can do to rebuild them. Each aspect of environmentalism relates to ecosystems; they fuel it and help create it, but also destroy it.  Participate in these modules to learn about your Earth and how to restore ecosystems in your community!


The True Armageddon: Ecosystems, Biodiversity, and living in Environmental Poverty pushes out volcano eruptions, asteroid hits, and doomsdays to come. Read more >>

This season's book

Join us as we read How to Avoid a Climate Disaster by Bill Gates.

Visit our encyclopedia of words. Vocab all gathered in one place.

Module Activity - Win a raffle happening on Dec 31st!

Want to get involved but don't know where to start? Participate in our modular activities and even get a chance to win a prize in a raffle! For this activity, you can pick a problem of interest that falls into one of the modular categories above, and find a way to help fix it in your community!

To get involved in this stellar opportunity:

  1. Find a problem relating to one of our main topics

  2. Watch and review our resources

  3. Connect with your community and come up with an idea of yourself to help fix that problem. Try to branch out with a more creative idea; don't just pick up trash at the side of the road. For example, volunteer at Humane Society or find a way to easily kill weeds without harmful pesticides or intensive labor. Submit the form to the right to sign up with your possible ideas! This is a great thing for college applications!

  4. As soon as you can, start your activity! Take pictures and document evidence along the way! If you are working for an organization, get a signature or evidence that you worked there and send it to us! Tag us on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. Remember, if you finish, you get a raffle ticket for the upcoming draw. Also, you're helping the environment!

  5. Once you are finished, congrats! One more step to go: Write a 1-3 page summary of what you did, including some pictures and evidence, and feel free to brag a little bit about your accomplishment! Send the document to and you will be entered into our next upcoming raffle for Modules! Share with your friends!

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