Environmental Poverty Module

Environmental Poverty is a large human rights-related issue. It relates to racism, sexism, injustice to fat people, anti-LGBTQ, ableism, wealth disparity, and every other problem we have today. The ones put in environmental poverty are usually disproportioned groups that are lower working class. This is a problem we need to fix, and urgently. Scroll down to see what it is and how to help.

Table of Contents

Introduction to Environmental Poverty

How to

Live in a Green Home

Your home doesn’t have to be made out of bamboo or have plants at every corner of your property just to be classified as “green”. A “green home” goes beyond a home’s construction...


The connection Between

Environmental and Period Poverty

Only 18% of women in India have access to menstrual products and around 60% are diagnosed with vaginal/urinary diseases...