Encyclopedia of Words

All of our terms put into one place for easy reference. 

Atmosphere -The layer of air in the earth, above the lithosphere. This itself has its own layers and absorbs most of the harmful greenhouse gasses.

Biosphere - All of the ecosystems throughout the world put together. It incorporates any life, from the deepest part of the ocean to the highest mountain peak.

Biodiversity - A term used to describe the tons of variety we have on our planet. The more variety, the better!

Cow - A mammal with spots, used primarily for milk in the dairy industry and for beef in the meat industry.

Ecosystem - A community of different organisms and their surrounding natural environment that functions together to produce life and to make species prosper. It is formed and maintained by interactions of the species and the species to the environment.

Fast Fashion -  A term used to describe trendy clothing sold at low prices

Grand Solar Minimum - When the Sun gets lesser amounts of energy and sunspots. It can lead to ice ages.

Lithosphere - The solid surface layer on the earth

Veganism - Lifestyle that avoids any animal based product for eating or usage (this includes dairy, honey, fish, and meats)

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