You know, I’ve recently fallen in love with kpop. Ok, maybe not so recently. I’ve been listening to Kpop for almost a year now, but for the past few weeks, I’ve been increasingly interested in Twice, a group under JYP Entertainment. One day I was talking to my friend about their song, “Behind the Mask” (which I 100% recommend), but instead of asking “Hey, have you heard the song Behind the Mask?”I asked, “Hey, have you heard the song Inside the Mask?”. Well, once we figured out the song I was really asking about, we had a pretty good conversation about it. However, it got me thinking. What exactly is inside a mask? 


Having an insanely short attention span, I never got around to searching up all the exact compositions behind masks. However, I did figure out that they had a wire inside of them, a wire just exactly long enough to make a bracelet charm. So today, I’ll be teaching you guys how to make a bracelet… by recycling a mask! This bracelet has a really nice heart charm and also an interesting design. I used a standard blue mask, but any color works! 


Here’s the finished product: 


Read until the end to get an eco-friendly New Year’s Resolution! 




You will need: 

  • Pencil

  • 1 used mask

  • Scissors 

  • (warning: the wire in the mask may be sharp, please be careful!)

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  1. Flatten out your mask

  2. Make a small cut near one of the corners (on the side with the wire) and slide out the wire.

  3. Cut off the straps and tie the ends together on one side.

  4. Remove the plastic casing around the wire using scissors to cut only the plastic part then slide the casing off (similar to how you expose wires)

  5. Wrap the center of the wire around a pencil, twist twice, then twist the ends together as well.

  6. Bend the outside wire into a heart shape.

  7. Weave both ends over the outer edge of the heart and underneath the loop.

  8. Weave the lower end above the farthest section of the loop and the top end above the farthest section of the heart.

  9. Finally, tie the other ends together as shown below:

  10. Done!





3.4 BILLION face masks are discarded every day. Become more aware of the number of face masks you use by challenging yourself to make one out of every two face masks you use into a bracelet or some other project!