Our world is a biosphere. From the oceans to jungles, creating habitats for different organisms, our biosphere is essential to life. However, it is the biggest thing under threat of the climate crisis. Read the engaging information below and take apart of the activities to connect to your own biosphere.

Snow Globe Gone

Heat Globe

These last few years, we have been experiencing a Grand Solar Minimum in our Sun. A Grand Solar Minimum is a term


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The worst natural disaster...

Storm Surges

Many models predict that climate change effects are already irreversible. Horrid weather events, uncontrollable natural disasters, and upcoming "doomsday"....



Our world is made up of hundreds of complex interactions between different organisms, objects, and more. Even a small pebble plays the role of a large bear. This closeness of organisms in a community that relies on each other is called an ecosystem. Our world is a biosphere, an intricate web of interactions made up of different ecosystems. The biosphere encompasses all layers of the earth, including the lithosphere, atmosphere, and hydrosphere.


Imagine our world as a snow globe. It is under attack, vigorously shaken up and down. Without facing the climate crisis, all of the fake snow will not settle down. Everything is always at a delicate balance until the globe is turned, pushing snow where it shouldn't be, destroying what was happening inside. This is exactly what the increasing heat does to ecosystems, organisms, and overall, ruin our biosphere.


Throughout history, the biosphere has changed dramatically, from species disappearing to fluctuating temperatures. These changes were natural, and due to it occurring automatically, took time before settling in. According to NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies, two-thirds of our current global warming has happened since 1975. This process, not natural, crushes ecosystems throughout the world that relied on colder climates and could not adapt. The UN reports that over one million animals are facing extinction, with the odds of them surviving being one-third. If these organisms go extinct, our ecosystems will fall, making our only snow globe possibly inhabitable.


There are not many current solutions to fix such a large-scale problem, yet there are many ways to help. By reading these articles and understanding information, you are taking the time to move our population in the right direction. Spreading awareness and changing habits is another good way to start. Protesting the large corporations that approve drilling in certain areas is another way to get involved. Try our modular activity. Our biosphere is on the matter of life and death and you have the power to choose its fate.







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