Biodiversity Module

Biodiversity is not a term that usually comes up but is one of the most important things to remember. It encompasses animals, trees, and basically every living thing! It basically means variants in different species and is necessary for any animal to survive. Continue on to learn about Nemo, bees, and more!

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Biodiversity is necessary for our population. It creates the different kinds of life as we know it, from trees to fungi to clownfish, and of course, us. This difference in species, and even in between species is what makes it possible for complex relationships to form between animals, like the food web, and of course to evolve.


You may have heard about the number of bees declining and the movement of #savethebees. Though hashtag movements can be annoying, bees are actually essential for our Earth and an example of how biodiversity plays in. They pollinate different flowers, other animals and organisms eat those flowers, and animals eat the animals that ate the flowers. These relationships between different species can only be possible if there are large varieties of organisms in the world. Without the variety, no ecosystem could thrive. 


Think about it, without having changes or differences in a population, how would the society grow? That is why biodiversity is so important. Without having different types of species, our ecosystems would ultimately crash because they have nothing to support them. Biodiversity is what builds our ecosystems which creates our one and only biosphere. 


A comical special on animals

The truth on Finding Nemo

What really should have happened in Disney's Movie Finding Nemo starring Marlin and Nemo the clownfish...

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Bear Fishing

Become a bear and attempt to fish! Salmon are one of the most exploited organisms in the world, putting bears at risk of endangerment. See how hard it truly is to catch a fish wild...